Collection of Ateliers Rigal - Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition

Exhibition Catalogue of the Collection of Ateliers Rigal, one of the oldest and most prestigious printmaking ateliers of Paris.The ateliers Rigal was founded in 1927 by Edmond Rigal, the "master" of the engraving of the time in France situating it in the nr. 19th of the Street Guérard at Fontenay-aux-Roses.In 1935 built a large space at the bottom of a garden in the nr. 17th of that picturesque street of Paris.
The Catalogue contains color images of much of the exhibition presented, texts of the Museum Director, the Mayor of Amarante and Nicole Rigal, heiress and currently directing the workshops.

Edition - Câmara Municipal de Amarante
Date - 2010
Legal Deposit Nr. - 314193/2010
ISBN - 978-989-8141-30-9
Pages - 46


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