Born in Vila Real, he devoted himself to painting in around 1954. He graduated from the E.S.B.A.P. on a scholarship from the F.C.G. He obtained a new
scholarship from the institution between 1961/66 and 1975/77. He has been a teacher at the F.B.A.U.P. since 1973, of the A.R.C.A and of the Department of
the Faculty of Architecture, Coimbra. Besides painting, he has literary collaboration on magazines and books and was devoted, in the context of the
Puzzle Group, to performance.
The work of João Dixo was developed by consistent circles from the perspective of design and implementation. He has researched the meaning of art
in our society with humour and irony. The borders between the artistic and the utilitarian, between the artist, the beholder and the critic have led to
diversified production which made use of prime and poor materials and a realistic and even conventional intent.




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